Volunteering Would it be a good option for the people I support? 4/5

Questions to ask yourself and your organisation

  • Why are you suggesting voluntary work?
  • What do you hope people might achieve?
  • Do you think a person’s current needs might be met through volunteering?
  • Are there other ways of meeting those needs?
  • Will they need support, if so how much support will people need and at what stages?
  • Are you/your organisation able to offer support?
  • What other roles can you or your organisation play?

Things to discuss with the people that you support!

  • Is the person REALLY interested in volunteering?
  • What does that person want from volunteering?
  • What does the person want to do?
  • Has the person got realistic expectations about what they can offer?

Sometimes the answers to these questions can be difficult to find.  It may be an idea:

  • For the Volunteer Centre to come and provide a workshop on what volunteering is and what types of things you can do
  • For people to look at some of these questions in groups


2 thoughts on “Volunteering Would it be a good option for the people I support? 4/5

  1. Hi Eileen! Love the idea of discussing motivations with the people supported. Most every volunteer will say “I want to help someone” and it’s up to us to find the secondary reasons people volunteer so that we can address those wants and needs. Getting to know the “inner volunteer” gives us the insight we need to accompany that volunteer on a path of success. It’s lots of work, but the end result is amazing.

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