Your checklist when involving young volunteers! #volunteersweek

checklistwe have compiled a useful checklist for you to follow when engaging young volunteers

Your organisation may need to:

  • Discuss at board/management level if it is willing to make changes to engage and involve young volunteers
  • Look at its structures to check they are more inclusive for young volunteers
  • Look at existing age limits for volunteers. Are they discriminating against young volunteers?
  • Check your insurance policy to see if it covers young volunteers, if not, you will need to discuss this with your insurance company
  • Review your risk assessments for your volunteer roles to ensure you abide by your duty of care to young volunteers
  • Review your Child Protection, Safeguarding and Health & Safety Policies, to ensure young volunteers are included and protected by them
  • Review your marketing materials to see if they are young person friendly
  • Consult with young people to see what sort of roles they would like to volunteer for
  • Liaise with parents to remove any potential concerns about their children volunteering
  • Think about what roles you already have that may be suitable for young volunteers
  • If there are no suitable roles at the moment, could you create new ones?
  • Have you got potential community projects, where young volunteers could join in along with their friends?
  • Could young volunteers support your project by helping at an event such as an awareness session in their school/college?
  • Review your induction documentation to include parental permission for under 16’s
  • Check that the staff/volunteers who will be supervising the young volunteers have experience or training in this area: if not arrange this
  • Look at innovative ways to reward and recognise your young volunteers e.g. certificates/awards


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