Make involving young volunteers your next priority! #wiseupwednesdays #volunteersweek

SN851023Top Tips – part three

Here are the final set of top tips for involving young volunteers. Then we’ll be looking at other useful good practice considerations when involving them.

Give young people space to try out new and interesting things

  • Many young people will enjoy the opportunity to grow and progress, so ensure the project in which you involve them will give them opportunities to expand their roles and maybe take on other roles with support
  • It’s important to assess what their motivations are when they join your organisation and continue to monitor these through support/supervision – that way you will keep them motivated and interested in the project
  • Why not link in with other projects and maybe develop joint projects?  There may be opportunities to share young volunteers with different skills

Team them up with other young volunteers

  •  Can you get their friends interested too? Lots of young people would volunteer but not on their own, however, they would volunteer with their friend. This is particularly so in the 14-16 age group.
  • Have you thought of approaching local schools or colleges to see if they would be interested in a community project?  Maybe your organisation could offer a community project to a class or year group.  It could be a one-off activity or maybe over a couple of sessions.
  • Just think of the benefits to:

your project – lots of people with new ideas and energy, potential volunteers for the future

the school – a great way to build links with the local community and give their students an opportunity to understand about local communities, and the activity that goes on there

the young people – a chance to make an active difference in their local community, take on a challenge and still have the support of their peers and teachers

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