Interview With a Volunteer: Ellie Part 2



Part two of an interview with Ellie, a volunteer for 18 years with a hospice.

VPT: Let’s look at things in retrospect now. What advice do you have for volunteer managers? How can we keep someone like you?

E: I’d say that having someone a volunteer can count on is important.

VPT: In what way?

E: It’s trust. I trusted my supervisor and he trusted me.

VPT: You moved away. But you stopped volunteering before you moved. Was it because you were contemplating the move?

E: (pauses) No.

VPT: What was it then?

E: Things were changing.

VPT: In what way?

E: Well, my supervisor was taking on more and more work. I began to realize that when I needed support or a chance to talk, I may go to his office and he would not be available or at another location.

VPT: That support was important.

E: Well, yes…

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