I like driving in my car! Organisations wheely need volunteer drivers! #chipintuesday #takethechallenge

17-5-9Have you got a current driving licence and do you own your own car?

If the answer is yes, there are lots of ways you can help people who are isolated and can’t get out and about.  You could take an elderly neighbour shopping, or to a hospital appointment and we have more formal roles too, where social services refer people who can’t take themselves to Community Transport, which is a local charity who provide volunteer drivers to take older people to hospital appointments etc. So if you can spare a few hours a week and are a car owner, this could be a great role for you.  http://www.ctpassenger.org/volunteer/

On the buses!

If you have a clean current licence with a category D1, you can also drive a minibus on a voluntary basis.  There may be a group local to where you live who need a minibus driving volunteer and we also have roles like this. This type of volunteer often takes people to and from a day centre or occasionally on days out.  Without them there would be a lot more isolated older people who quite simply couldn’t access social activities with the volunteers driving a charity’s minibuses.

Vans are go!

If you have got a clean, current driving licence, there are also roles involving driving a van.  Charity shops often have volunteer van drivers who collect and deliver larger items.  Some charities also have volunteers to drive smaller vans, dropping off and collecting supplies e.g. for Cats Protection.

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