Recognising and rewarding the work of volunteers – thanks @bh_cw @NCVOVolunteers #wiseupwednesdays #volunteersweek

Volunteer Centres know a thing or two about recognising volunteers and they are always keen to share their knowledge and expertise.  This excellent guidance is taken from Volunteer Centre Brighton’s Volunteering Good Practice Guide: 

  • Remember a volunteer’s name, and use it when you greet them
  • Don’t forget to say ‘thank you’
  • Be interested in their personal lives and problems
  • Celebrate major achievements – perhaps with an award ceremony to which you invite prominent local people
  • Ensure they have a way of taking part in the decision making processes
  • Ask them to make presentations at meetings
  • Offer training and progression
  • Bring food to volunteers meetings
  • Nominate them for community awards
  • Mention volunteers input at meetings, in the Annual Report, in your newsletter on your website
  • Remember their birthdays and send them a card
  • If they need equipment to carry out their role make sure it works and it is as up to date as you can afford
  • Keep a file of specific accomplishments so that you can use the facts when needed
  • Use special days – Volunteers’ Week & Make a Difference Day’ to publicise their work and time put in
  • Organise a social event, outing or party to say thank you


Key points

  • Make sure any way you choose of recognising and rewarding fits the type of achievement and the volunteer concerned – make it personal and meaningful
  • Be honest and sincere – most people can see through superficial praise
  • Be consistent and fair – don’t have different rules for different people
  • Make sure the paid staff are fully aware of how important volunteers are to your organisation and ensure they have some training in managing volunteers


Source URL:

 The Volunteering Good Practice Guide is produced by the Volunteer Centre, Brighton and Hove, a project of Impetus Web development provided by SCIP

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