How to tell the world you value your volunteers @NCVOvolunteers #wiseupwednesdays #volunteersweek

loudhailerSo how can you tell the world [well at least the local area] how much you value your volunteers?

There are lots of ways you can do this and most of them are free!

  • Newsletters –  have you  got an organisational newsletter? This is a great place to tell other staff, volunteers and clients, just how wonderful your volunteers are. Add a photo and you are onto a winner!
  • Website/Blog/Twitter/Facebook/other social media – a popular way  to share what you think of your volunteers with the world [literally via the World Wide Web] is via your website or social media streams. A winsome photo is a sure fire way to get your good news shared. When I published the photos from Dudley Volunteer Awards in October, I had 1012 hits in one day on my Volunteering Counts blog! If you aren’t au-fait with the social media stuff, why not attend a free local social media surgery, where people who are will be able to talk you through it and get you up, and running in no time? Staff at Dudley CVS run these monthly in various locations around the borough.
  • Local media – newspapers, radio and TV – are a great way to show your pride in your volunteer[s]. Don’t forget to tell them why your volunteer[s] deserve recognition and hopefully this will also help raise the profile of your project or organisation. Don’t know how to write a press release? Contact your local Volunteer Centre who may well be able to help or offer you some training.
  • Awards – there may well be local or national awards you can nominate your volunteers for. Dudley Volunteer Awards are an annual event held alongside Dudley CVS’s Annual General Meeting. Local volunteers [both individuals and groups] can  be  nominated  and  recognised  at this  high  profile celebration. The winners are chosen by a panel made up of local decision makers, vcs reps and our Chairman. Other awards include the Mayor’s Civic Awards, which are another annual award scheme. Why not look on the internet for information about local schemes.
  • Queens Award – if you want to nominate a group of volunteers, why not consider this award? It’s a prestigious award and you can find out more by visiting the Queens Award website.


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