You’re not a stirrer are you? #chipintuesday #takethechallenge

17-4-11Do you enjoy cooking or baking? If so there are lots of food related roles which will be right up your street!

You could:

  • Cook a meal for someone who struggles to do one for themselves, eg an elderly relative or neighbour. If you’re cooking for your family, you’re likely to have plenty spare to share
  • Showing someone how to cook healthily, perhaps on a budget
  • Baking cakes or items to sell to raise valuable funds for a local community group
  • Cooking and serving food for the homeless or those on low incomes

So why not get your pinny on and get cooking?

2 thoughts on “You’re not a stirrer are you? #chipintuesday #takethechallenge

    • Thanks Mrs Lloyd that sounds like a very useful skill. Would you mind dropping me an email to and when I get back from my hols on 24th April, I can maybe share your contact email with a few groups. Whereabouts do you live please eg Dudley, Halesowen, then I can try to find a local group. Thanks so much 🙂


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