Volunteering is All About Helping, Isn’t It?


Volunteering is About Helping, Isn't It Let’s hope for the best

“No good deed goes unpunished.”   … Oscar Wilde

“I couldn’t stop, not after I’d been with her for so long.” Volunteer Jill spoke of her decision to keep seeing the client assigned by her volunteer manager, even though the client was no longer on the program. “Aren’t we supposed to be helpful? I mean, I have a strong connection with her and her family. I can’t just pull the plug.”

“I didn’t see the harm,” said Miranda, Jill’s volunteer coordinator. “I felt it would be cruel to keep Jill from continuing this great connection. But then, my CEO summoned me the day this former client called in to complain. It seems that Jill gave the client some advice and the client thought she was back on our program.”

What do we do with volunteers who want to stay with clients after the client no…

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