It’s story time #chipintuesday #takethechallenge

17-3-28I’m an avid reader and have been since a child, but not every child is comfortable with books and enjoys reading, there are some who struggle.

In 2014 a campaign was launched called ‘Read On Get On

“One and a half million children will reach the age of 11 unable to ‘read well’ by 2025 unless urgent action is taken to tackle the reading crisis facing Britain’s pupils, according to research”

So it’s clear there are children all over the country and in Dudley borough, who could do with a little extra help to boost their reading skills and Beanstalk is a charity who trains volunteers to go into schools to help pupils improve their reading skills. Nicki is the local contact and would be happy to chat to you about the roles, so why not drop her an email?  Love this quote from their website:

Life is better when everyone can read well and express themselves confidently. If you’re looking for a rewarding volunteering experience then Beanstalk is for you.

 Your couple of hours a week could change a child’s life for the better.

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