Induction vs. Orientation: The one year volunteer committment


Induction vs. Orientation

Two volunteer managers, Jessup and Chloe were both excited when the brought in new volunteers.

Jessup, who manages volunteers for a start-up, said, “I was asked to find volunteers to help with our kick off campaign. I brought in a trio of talented volunteers and one of our marketers patiently showed them what needed to be done. The volunteers did exceptionally well, but they didn’t stay with us very long. I had to recruit again and again.”

Chloe, meanwhile, who manages volunteers at a different start-up said, “I recruited a few volunteers to help with our kick-off. I was a bit worried because the volunteers were from varied backgrounds and had really different talents. But, you know, although it took them a bit to get going, all the staff here helped out. Those volunteers are still with us today.”

Volunteer retention is a nuanced and complicated concept. Some parts of it can be…

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8 thoughts on “Induction vs. Orientation: The one year volunteer committment

  1. I would like to be considered for this post have had tbis field an volunteered and been co-ordintor in the past have tried in last few months a d had no reply. so if you think i fan help please get in touch


    • I have been trying to get you in touch with Stacey from Loaves and Fishes as you requested, but you haven’t responded to my messages. Here is the message again below.

      HI Chris. Did you ring Stacey at Loaves and Fishes? The number you left was missing a digit. Please can you contact her on 01215597443. She’s just rung me. Cheers 🙂


      • i am so so sorry it’s my fault so embarrassed if this helps an i can help my number is 07914686967 if i can help in anyway for you or anyone please please get in touch


  2. Hi Chris. Why don’t you get in touch with Stacey at Loaves and Fishes, as I seem to remember that was where you wanted to volunteer. You have her number now and I’m sure she would love to hear from you. There’s no need to be embarassed, I just assumed you’d changed your email address or something 🙂


    • Look i am so sorry about the problems i am causing but have to admit i have no longer got the number. Sorry you might not remember me as such but we have spoken many a time an meet you helped many a time just want to get involved again


      • Yes Chris I do remember you and the phone number is the 0121 in the message I just sent you 👍 If you want to book an appointment for a chat please ring main office on 01384573381 as they have my diary 😃


      • Here’s the number again Chris and you aren’t causing problems, just want to help you get some voluntary work. If I remember correctly you were after office/admin and Loaves needed someone. Contact is Stacey 01215597443


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