We Should Start Our Own Cirque du Vol Show To Raise Money!

absolutely love this idea 🙂 Do any of our followers do this already? If you have stories I’d love to share them to encourage other orgs to try it.


We Should Start Our Own Cirque du Vol Show To Raise Money!

After Harry closed the door, Rasheem just sat for a moment, allowing himself to refocus. “Harry is one of those volunteers,” he said, “whose brain is constantly on the move. He is forever suggesting ways to improve and ways to reinvent. Often his ideas have nothing to do with the volunteer department. No, often he wants me to bring his ideas to marketing, fund-raising, finance, administration, and just about every other department we have. He’s not critical, but rather a great volunteer and he just wants us to be the best. But, this is exhausting.”

Some volunteers are their own whirling mini brain trust.  They see a challenge or an area that needs improvement and their minds go into overdrive. Funny thing is, most of the time, they’re right and you can see their point.

But when they come to you with their ideas, all you feel is the burden…

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