Think outside the box! Are you with me? #chipintuesday #takethechallenge

I’ve been ruminating about a new series of blog posts for a while, which will hopefully get people to think outside the box and devise creative ways to support local people and communities.  Having worked in the Volunteer Centre for almost 11 years, I support local not-for-profits to engage with volunteers, usually in a formal or structured role, with set times and ideally a regular commitment.

However, I’ve also met lots of people who want to help but may have a barriers to taking on a formal volunteering role, such as their age, health condition, lack of transport or working full-time.  So, let’s look at how ANYONE can make a difference in their local community by giving their time when they feel like it and choosing what to do, and when. I will be making suggestions for both formal and less formal roles, so hopefully there will be something for everyone!

To get me started I have gathered a few items which were lying around at home, or in the office as ideas to start the ball rolling.  These are common household items for many of us, but we would probably never think how they could encourage us to look at them as prompts for community action!

I’m going to start my #chipintuesdays with weekly blog posts featuring a different item every week and the sorts of roles you could arrange yourself, helping friends, family, neighbours and local groups, and making a huge difference. So fasten your seatbelts and let’s think outside the box and get everyone doing something positive with their spare time. Are you with me?


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