A Corporate Volunteering Interview Part 2



Part 2 of the interview with Sadie on corporate volunteering-the day of the event.

VPT: So, on the day of the event, you and several other employees met up at the location. How did it go?

S: Well, we had an issue with parking. There were street parking spots, but a sign said ‘two hour parking only.’ We parked anyway. It was a four-hour shift so we figured we would have to come out and move the cars. Later, when we asked, they told us that the city had waived that rule and we could stay in our spots.

VPT: After you parked, you went in and what happened?

S: The building was a warehouse type of building and we had no idea how to get in.

VPT: What did you do?

S: We went around back, found a back door and went in through there.

VPT: And then what?

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