A Form Letter in Good Form



“Carlos is one of those volunteers who just knows what to do,” LeAnne said proudly. “He understands rules and boundaries, doesn’t need much instruction and always, and I mean always,” she laughs, “turns in his reports and attends meetings. My only problem is I can’t clone him. He’s so good, I started to pick his brain, wanting to know the magic thoughts in there and I discovered that he had volunteered for quite some time in another city before he moved here. He told me about that program and how his volunteer coordinator was instrumental in teaching him so much about being a good volunteer.” LeAnne sighed. “I really would love to thank her for that.”

Ahhhhh, volunteers that have volunteered successfully at another organization. It’s like finding a hair stylist with lots of experience and training. (No, wait, it’s actually much better)

I’ve been on both ends of this…

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