Maybe We Have Some Splainin’ To Do



What is the great question of the ages? Forget about “What is the meaning of life?” Pffft to “is there life on other planets?” Is that all you got to “What really happened to those adorable dinosaurs?” And finally, oh puh-lease to “Is Spam really a food product?”

Here is the question of the ages: Can we possibly make it any harder for people to volunteer?

I thought about this a while back as I chuckled along with this video from musician and songwriter, Dave Carroll:There’s Got to Be a Better Way

In this clever video, Mr. Carroll laments the extra crazy legal steps he has to endure in order to volunteer at his son’s school. Somehow, he shares a birthday with a person who has a criminal record, so, well, you know how that can go. He tries to have his fingerprints taken at a local police department…

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