OPP OF THE DAY: Chairman Trustee – The Wildlife Trust For Birmingham and the Black Country

There is now an opportunity for the right individwildlife_trust_bbc_text_squareual to join The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country as Chair of Trustees. In this post the individual will have an opportunity to make a real difference to the natural environment of the area leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.

The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country has a clear strategy and work plan over the next five years. Key aims are to ensure:
1. Space for nature is protected, restored, created and valued.
2. Everyone is connected to nature.
3. The natural environment is at the heart of planning, policy- and decision-making.
4. We are an effective organisation.

Profile of Chair of Trustees:
A natural leader and mentor, you have significant experience chairing a diverse board to bring everyone together to achieve the Trust’s vision and goals. You are a strategic thinker, passionate about wildlife with strong inter-personal and relationship building abilities. You are well connected to networks including
business across Birmingham and the Black Country and can demonstrate your experience of leading an organisation to achieve success.

Job Role Summary:
The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country is looking for a dynamic, capable Chair of Trustees with demonstrable experience to be able to achieve the following:
– Recognise and respond to the needs of the Trust to provide good strategic governance
– Influence others across a wide range of sectors – (business, voluntary, community, statutory) to achieve benefits for the conurbation’s wildlife
– Play an important role in extending and deepening the Trust’s networks
– Develop fundraising relationships
– Support income generation and the development of a financially sustainable business model
– Act as an ambassador for the Trust so that the Trust becomes recognised as the primary advocate for biodiversity and the natural environment across Birmingham and the Black Country
– Support and complement the role of the Chief Executive Officer in developing and delivering the Trust’s agreed business plan
– Lead Trust Council in managing its financial exposures and risk
– Support and develop the Trust’s network of partnerships with business, education, and local communities.
– Lead a diverse group of individuals to form an effective team of Trustees using diplomacy and commitment.


Paula Reilly
Email: paula.r@bbcwildlife.org.uk
Contact number: 0121 454 1999

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