OPP OF THE DAY: Trustee – The Wildlife Trust For Birmingham and the Black Country

Purpose of Post: The Council (the Board of Trustees) carries the ultiwildlife_trust_bbc_text_squaremate responsibility for ensuring the Trust is run in the most effective manner and that all of its activities are carried out in accordance with charity law and the Trust’s own legal requirements. The Council is explicitly empowered:
– To administer the affairs of the Trust;
– To exercise the powers set out in the Memorandum and Articles of Association;
– To determine the policy of the Trust.

Key Purposes: Council is the governing body of the Trust and is responsible for:
– Its governance, leadership and direction.
– Setting the Trust’s aims and objectives and establishing its priorities.
– Making suitable arrangements for the management and risk management of the Trust’s operations.
– Safeguarding the Trust’s assets (money, property, equipment, human resources,
reputation and goodwill).
– Ensuring that all assets are used solely for achieving the objects of the Trust.


Meetings: Trust Council meet quarterly. There are two regular sub-committees also meeting quarterly: Resources covering finance, human resources and trust sites; Operations covering delivery of projects, achievement of delivery targets and strategic aims. Each sub-committee has a Chair elected from and by Trust Council annually. Trustees are expected to attend one sub-committee.

We are looking for new voluntary Trustees with strategic vision, independent judgement and a
willingness to commit to leading the Trust through a crucial stage of our development. As well as
performing the essential governance roles of the charity, as set out in the job description, our Trustees are the ambassadors for the Trust willing and able to make new connections across a wide range of networks.

We are looking for people who are passionate about wildlife, who are committed to making
Birmingham and the Black Country into a greener place and have some of the skills and experience set out below:

– Specialist ecological knowledge with a particular focus on invertebrates, geology or
landscape architectural practice. You will be willing to use your skills to work with staff influencing decision makers about the importance of the natural world.

– Senior finance experience, at Board or Director level, in a substantial business or public
authority. You will be able to understand and predict financial trends, identify financial risks
and communicate these effectively to non-finance trustees.

– Teaching, skills and education experience, you have worked in an educational setting at a
high level, are familiar with national curriculum expectations, have a good understanding of
educational funding and a familiarity with educational regulatory frameworks. You will be
willing to use these skills to support staff to develop our environmental education strategy.

– Working in town planning and/or major residential or infrastructure projects, you have
experience of planning and policy issues and you understand the essential value of nature
and green space in an urban setting.

– A successful business leader, you view a healthy natural environment for Birmingham and
the Black Country as critical to the success and growth of the economy. You are willing to be
an advocate for the natural environment across business networks making the case for
natural capital, and creating new partnerships for the Trust.

– You have experience working with, supporting and developing the skills of young people
from diverse backgrounds. You are willing to work with the Trust to develop and deliver our
youth engagement strategy.

These posts are not remunerated, but offer the satisfaction of giving about five hours per month to improve community. Meetings are held monthly in the evening.

Our aim is for our council of Trustees to reflect the diversity of Birmingham and the Black Country
and we welcome applications from all sections of the community. Trustees are normally expected to serve, in a voluntary capacity, for a 3 year term. We provide an induction, full training and personal development opportunities.

Meetings are held in the evenings and you should expect to devote at least 5 hours per month to
Trust affairs


Paula Reilly
Email: paula.r@bbcwildlife.org.uk
Contact number: 0121 454 1999


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