OPP OF THE DAY: Volunteer Mentor in Schools in Dudley Borough, Mentor Link

Our Charity recruits and trains volunteers from the community to be volunteer Mentors, mentor-linksupporting children and young people on a 1:1 basis in schools and in the wider community. We receive referrals from schools, other agencies and directly from parents.

We are looking for volunteers who would like to befriend and support young people who are facing difficulties, with aim of creating a more positive attitude towards themselves and their learning. The types of issues faced by the young people are many and varied, but include problems related to family breakdown; relationships with others; illness; low self-esteem or behaviour.

Each volunteer would typically spend 1 to 2 hours mentoring each week, talking, listening and supporting young people. We work in a variety of locations, including primary and secondary schools and a range of venues in the community.

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Alison Spall
Email: Alison.Spall@Mentorlink.org.uk
Website: www.mentorlink.org.uk

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