Could you help someone with a learning disability grow their skills and confidence?

How you could help

This morning I had a chat with Neil Morgan from NOVA Training, who is trying to find volunteering opportunities for his learners to build their skills and confidence.  It doesn’t have to be a work placement full-time, a half day or day a week could be just the thing to get them started on the journey into employment.  As those of you who have supported volunteers with learning disabilities will know, they are reliable, committed volunteers who enjoy making a contribution and are very reliable.

Neil said:

“As far as our learners go at Nova Training, we currently have 12 on programme and we are always looking for new opportunities for them, and for ways for them to gain valuable experience by volunteering and otherwise undertaking work placements. All placements are individualised; we never have and never will place an individual with a business or organisation unless we believe there is mutual benefit. Many of our learners have never had opportunities in the past, so when a volunteering opportunity comes along they show great willing to learn about the organisation and the purpose of its services. They have historically shown excellent, punctuality and performance.”

“Where there is a need for support we are aware employers and organisations rarely have the capacity to provide this. We are ourselves able to provide support to individuals as required. We have also developed volunteer teams and worked in numbers of up to 12 with 4 staff members supporting.”

“If there is a good fit for our learners we will always do what we can to allow this to happen in the best interests of the learner and the organisation.”

Want to get in touch?

Please contact: Neil Morgan on

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