Time to get creative this weekend at Saltwells Nature Reserve @WeAreBCR

OK so today’s weather is not quite as lovely as it could be. However on Sunday its supposed to be warm, light cloud and DRY! So that sounds perfect to get our wildflower grasslands in superb shape.

Last year we collected some seed from our better grasslands and moved it into the ones not so rich in wildflowers (Alison’s 1,2 and 3 plus Cinder Bank). It was a great success! Loads of them started to grow where they never had before. So much so that we applied for a grant and did it on a huge scale last month with seeds bought in from Eades Meadow, one of the very best in the country. We now can’t wait to see what next summer will bring in those areas.

So I’m wanting to spread this love to Butterfly Scrub. We did some work earlier in the year removing saplings from Butterfly Meadow which is next door. We’ve just done this year’s flailing of the bramble in Butterfly Scrub and its coming back so much weaker each year. Also we are going to meadow cut Butterfly Meadow in late Aug/early Sept; so now is the time!

We’ll rake off the flailed vegetation to get a bit of bare earth showing and collect seed (orchids, vetches, knapweed, scabious etc) from Butterfly Meadow to spread in there. Its already got some yellow rattle growing this year so we know last year’s start worked.

We’ll meet same as ever: 10am at the car park off Saltwells Lane and will be wrapped up by 1pm, but please leave earlier if you need to. If you are able drop me a line so I can estimate numbers of tools, if not just turn up!

So please come along and spread the love (and hopefully see some beautiful butterflies too).


Alan Preece

Senior Warden, Saltwells Nature Reserve

Place Directorate, Environmental Management (Greencare), Countryside Service

Lister Road Depot, Lister Road, Dudley, DY2 8JW

07920 235036

01384 812795


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