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We are often asked exactly what kind of support we can offer volunteer-involving groups, so I thought sharing a recently received testimonial would help 🙂  This feedback is from Kate Clarke, Mentor & Volunteer Co-ordinator at the Switch Project in Dudley.  If you identify that this is the sort of help you need, please do get in touch and I will be happy to help 🙂

What things did Dudley CVS support you personally or your organisation with?

I had a meeting with Eileen Fielding when I first started my Volunteer Co-ordinator post in September 2014. This single meeting resulted in the following:

  1. Eileen explained the support available to me and the network activity in the Dudley borough.
  2. She gave me a copy of the Volunteer Toolkit to take away with me.
  3. She gave me a list of forthcoming dates for the 5 “Volunteer Management Good Practice” training sessions and even booked me onto them while I was on leave so that I wouldn’t miss out.
  4. Eileen also informed me of the DVON meetings and the Volunteer Recruitment Fair.
  5. I attended the training sessions as described above.
  6. Eileen has given details of our project to a number of potential volunteers who are of a high standard and a good match.
  7. I attended the Volunteer Recruitment Fair.
  8. I attended the DVON meeting.

How was that support given or what approach did our staff use?

  1. Face to face meeting.
  2. Toolkit and other training resources.
  3. Regular emails/updates.
  4. DVON meeting.

What did you like about the support?

Eileen understood that I was new to the role and the type of support I would need.

  1. Her response was immediate and I left our first meeting with a huge amount of information.
  2. Eileen is available to offer guidance and always responds promptly.
  3. The training she delivers is informative, varied, enjoyable and extremely useful. The resources that accompany it are great.
  4. The training and meetings have made me feel part of a wider network of people doing similar work to me rather than feeling isolated in the role.
  5. Eileen approaches everything with good humour – nothing is too much trouble.


What difference did the support make to you or your organisation? What have you been able to achieve since?

Meeting with Eileen – and the resources, training etc. she has provided since – has helped me to develop, set up and implement a volunteer recruitment, training and support programme as this was a new role for me and a new venture for our project. Since September we have recruited 4 volunteers with more in the pipeline and a thorough training programme begins for them in January 2015. I can’t believe how much progress we have made in such a short space of time and can’t comprehend what things would have been like if I hadn’t picked up the phone to arrange that first meeting with Eileen. I’m sure I would still be trying to re-invent the wheel!

Is there anything that could have been better? If so, what?

I genuinely can’t think of anything!

What four words would you use to describe the support you received from Dudley CVS? 

  1. Invaluable
  2. Expert
  3. Reassuring
  4. Awesome!

Any other comments?

A personal and sincere thank you to Eileen, her help and support means more than she realises!

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