sodaMeetings are usually held at Stourbridge and last a couple of hours maximum, usually starting at 5pm. Leading the committee and the organisation, acting as a spokesperson and figurehead as appropriate, plan and prepare the committee meetings and the AG. Looking for someone with good organisational skills, determination and the will to stay on a long term basis to help SODA W-M grow and flourish.

SODA was founded in 2009 by Sam Billingham who, having overcome her own experiences of Domestic Abuse, wanted to create a secret community where men and women who experienced and survived Domestic Abuse could support and guide one another as they escaped their abusive relationshiips and embraced their new lives.
Since then, Sam has realised the amount of men and women in the UK that are in need of emotional support, guidance and financial help to heal some of the scars of domestic abuse and become a survivor rather than a victim.
Today, SODA operates a variety of projects and services to raise awareness of domestic abuse and offer vital services for the partners of perpetrators.
We offer online support and soon to be setting up self help support groups too but are working hard, with lots of fundraising events, to becoming a registered charity. We are the chosen charity of Rugby United, which is nationwide, we have a Patron and Ambassador for the group.

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Sam Billingham
Email: info@sodahq.org

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