OPP OF THE DAY: Volunteer Family Support (Sandwell and Dudley), Barnardos

Purpose of position:
We are looking for volunteers who can make a positive difference to children and families across SBarnardo'sandwell and Dudley

Barnardo’s Balance Volunteer Family Support Service has been created to deliver a volunteer support programme to families.

The Volunteer led parent support programme will aim to be an enhancement to services provided by statutory partners. By supporting children and families to access a range of activities

The Volunteer led parent support programme will aim to offer:

Improve Access & use of local services (including adult mental health, substance misuse, CC’s and universal services):
– Provide addresses and contact details of other services;
– Transport some families to these services;
– Accompany the family to the appointment;
– Discuss the service prior to and after the use of the service
– Support access to any EBP programmes as required by CP/CIN plans and outcomes
– Support attendance at CP/CIN requests

Practical support (high frequency but “low” level intensity of interventions including):
– Budgeting
– Home environment (cleaning/tidying garden)
– Meal planning (shopping)
– Establishing routine

Emotional support:
– Someone to talk to
– Helped make and attended appointments
– Role modelling
– Behaviour boundaries
– Facilitated play/leisure with child and parent
– Keep in touch with families who are at the monitor stage to prevent relapse and intervene early to get the family back on track

Key activities:
– Deliver practical information, advice and guidance in line with agreed referral requirements for families around basic family support and parenting i.e. meal planners, life skills, communication, level 1-2 parenting support.

– Work with local CC’s and Early help systems to ensure families have opportunity to access a range of support functions.

– Offer support and encouragement to improve the emotional well being, confidence and communication skills of parents.

– Aim to enhance the journey of families by improving outcomes, building resilience and support structures.

– Preferably some knowledge and skills in working with families, working in early years, youth work
– Preferably some background experience with working with children and families
– Confidence to work independently and use own initiative

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Jenny Walker
Tel: 0121 588 5431
Email: jenny.walker@barnardos.org.uk 

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