OPP OF THE DAY: Retail Shop Volunteer, Acorns Children’s Hospice

To assist the management in running a successful shop by:hopeshop
– Assisting at back of house, sorting, steaming and hanging donated goods
– Greeting customers and helping with any enquiries
– Thankfully accepting donated goods
– Re-stocking rails and shelves
– If Till trained, to cover the Till/Card payment machine
– Be aware of possible theft and fraud at all times
– Always have a positive approach to good house keeping

The position of shop volunteer requires a commitment of a minimum of 2 hours per shift. We are flexible and volunteers can cover 1 shift per day or per week. This would be agreed with the individual volunteer and shop manager at the time of interview.

Criminal convictions are taken into account at the time of applying to the individual retail shop. Discussion/interview with the manager prior to starting.

Some of our retail shops have their facilities on an upper level and so are difficult to access. If an applicant has a particular learning difficulty this can be discussed at interview with the shop manager to ensure the volunteer will cope and is safe to volunteer.

– Welcoming and friendly
– Smart and clean appearance
– Enjoys working in a team
– Strong interpersonal skills
– Effective verbal communication skills
– Reliable and honest
– Sensitivity to the needs of our customers
– An understanding of the importance of confidentiality boundaries and safeguarding within Acorns
– Willingness to gain knowledge and understanding of Acorns
– Continuously promoting an awareness of Acorns

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Kevin Breen
Email: kevin.breen@acorns.org.uk
Tel: 01564 825026

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