Why you should recognise and nominate volunteers @MeridianSwift @NCVOVolunteers #wiseupwednesdays #dva16

With Volunteers Week over for another year, I got to thinking about writing a post about the value of recognising volunteers all year round, in fact I recently wrote a guide about recognising volunteers. A volunteer is for life not just Volunteers Week 

I follow a fabulous blog called Volunteer Plain Talk which is populated with thought provoking and inciteful posts around managing volunteers. [I heartily recommend you sign up to follow it].

Meridian Swift who writes the blog recently shared a post, discussing the value of recognising your volunteers and nominating them for Awards, entitled Awards – the Bridge to inspire! As we have recently launched #dva16 [our annual Dudley Volunteer Awards] I asked her for permission to share the post and the link, and she kindly agreed. I do suggest you read the full article, as I have only pulled out a few items to whet your appetite.

“A very wise person once told me that the secret to nominating volunteers for awards is to find the “angle.” What sets the volunteer apart? What obstacles has the volunteer overcome by volunteering? What has the volunteer done to initiate change, improve a program, or solve a problem? What about this volunteer’s story must be shared with others?

But nominations can also be written to influence people. By hearing amazing volunteer stories, potential volunteers can seek an opportunity to be part of that incredible bridge building. And many folks just might want to join a group of “award-winning volunteers.”

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