See, Hear, Then Feel

Love this post and it did bring a tear to my eye. Being able to connect with volunteers is a talent and those of us who manage them should feel privileged that we support so many incredible people who give from the heart 🙂


“I walked into this position without any experience,” says Miriam, a tiny freckled redhead with sea blue glasses. “I had no idea what to expect since I had never worked with volunteers before. My supervisor told me to come in with a purpose, to take charge. They gave me a volunteer manual so that I could train new volunteers and a list of rules.” Miriam sighed. “No one encouraged me to listen to the existing volunteers, to hear their stories, to get their history. Actually, a couple of long-term volunteers wanted me to shadow them, to see what it is they do but I felt like my manager wanted me to establish the program without too much volunteer input. For whatever reason, I didn’t shadow those volunteers and now I think I regret that.”

Oh boy. Walking into an established program is tough. How do you meet the expectations of…

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