Guns, gangs and knives

On Tuesday 9th August at Valley Road Youth Club, Lye, a police officer named Pc Rob Pedley will bePolice doing a talk on the above. If you haven’t witnessed Rob’s presentation before then you really need to attend this 2 hour session. The officer also talks about his personal battles since his Skiing accident 7 years ago which resulted with him nearly dying on a mountain.

If you like to attend this very interesting session then please contact me and book a seat.

There is no charge for this event.

If you feel any young person would benefit from this talk then please let me know. Pc Pedley talks mainly in schools and colleges so his session is appropriate for 14 year olds and upwards.

Please forward this info to anyone you feel would like to attend but I will need to be contacted to book. PLEASE see below for a little more information.

Precious Lives Presentations and Workshops.

Precious Lives Presentations 70 mins

Usually delivered to whole year groups in a hall setting. It looks at recent youth murders and how everyday young people made a choice which had life changing consequences for so many. It is focused around knife crime but has been adapted to a wide range of audiences covering varied topics from drugs and anti-social behaviour to being more motivated to achieve at school.

The presentation includes Alison Cope as guest speaker. Alison’s son Joshua Ribera was stabbed and murdered in Selly Oak in September 2013, he was well known within the grime music scene as Depzman with over 36 million views of his music videos on youtube.  Alison tells his life story leading up to the night of his murder and how many lives were changed that night by the actions of one person.  Alison is 2015 Pride of Birmingham winner.

Pc Paul Davies 8331
Young Persons Officer
Partnership Team
Brierley Hill Police Station
101 851 3091
0121 626 8127
Twitter @pcpaul999

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