Please take part in the Skills Exchange Voluntary Sector Survey @DudleyCVS @dudleyconnector @WeAreBCR @EdstromHelga

skills exchangeThe Skills Exchange Voluntary Sector Survey

Please can you take part in this important survey to inform the Skills Exchange Project about your views, in respect of the voluntary sector organisation you represent, on cross sector skills based volunteering.
The term ‘Skills Exchange’ has been chosen as we realise that there are usually mutual benefits through engaging volunteers to share their skills.  There is often learning and development for the volunteer and even the employer providing the volunteer. We also recognise that the sharing of skills is most often not one way.
By completing this survey and supplying your contact details and the name of your voluntary organisation, you will be entered into a prize draw with the chance to win one of three grants of £2,500 from the Zurich Community Trust.  The Zurich Community Trust is coordinating this survey on behalf of the Skill Exchange Project Steering Group and both the Zurich Community Trust and the Skills Exchange Project Steering Group may quote statistics from the collective responses publicly for the purpose of promoting and information cross sector skills based volunteering.  We may also use unattributed quotes from individual comments within the survey – you have the option to complete the survey anonymously and not be entered into the prize draw if you would prefer

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