Get Set to Go – a volunteer’s view pt2 of 3 @DudleyCVS @GStGDudley @MarkEvans29 #mentalhealthawarenessweek

We thought that you would love to hear a volunteer’s perspective on this fabulous project, so Eileen from the Volunteer Centre, approached Mark Evans, GetSettoGo volunteer.

What drew you to the project?

“I read about the project on the Dudley MIND website.

The draw being it was a mental health activity project – something which being a service user myself really resonated with me.  I wanted to be able to be involved in an interesting project, which Get Set to Go is, knowing that I’d be helping other people with MH problems whilst helping myself by undertaking a new volunteer opportunity”.

What do you like about the project now you are volunteering?

“I originally joined the project as an activity volunteer to help run the sports sessions and support service users. However, it soon became apparent to me that the project needed some marketing support and so with a marketing background I suggested that this is where I should focus my efforts. James agreed, and the rest as they say, is history. 

I’ve really enjoyed doing the marketing for the project, it’s helped to boost my confidence and motivation. 

I think the project is great in that it enables people with MH problems to get active and try out different activities in a safe environment, making being active friendly and fun. 

We’ve organised several different activity taster days including martial arts and even water-skiing which was fab. Yes, you can go water-skiing in Dudley! 

More recently, we organised a mental health football tournament which was a huge success and was also featured on Big Centre TV. 

I enjoy working with James and the rest of the team at Dudley Mind and through the project I have also got to know colleagues from other organisations in Dudley which has been great.”

Do you feel you’ve learnt something new or made a difference?

“Volunteering on the project has been a really positive personal development opportunity for me. It’s given me more belief in myself. I certainly hope that I’ve helped make a difference through the marketing support I’ve provided to the project.”

2 thoughts on “Get Set to Go – a volunteer’s view pt2 of 3 @DudleyCVS @GStGDudley @MarkEvans29 #mentalhealthawarenessweek

  1. Thank you for sharing this interview Eileen-my favorite quote out of many is: “It’s given me more belief in myself.”
    What wonderful words to hear and kudos to the volunteer manager, James who recognized Mark’s skill set!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes it’s a brilliant positive story to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week and volunteers in general 🙂 James and Mark are a brilliant example of how well a partnership with a volunteer can work :0


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