Let’s celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week with an inspirational project getting great results and it’s powered by volunteers! pt1 of 3 @DudleyCVS @GStGDudley @MarkEvans29 @NCVOVolunteers #mentalhealthawarenessweek

GetSetToGo-square-R0-G51-B119Get Set to Go is a national project being run by the mental health charity Mind in conjunction with Sport England and is about helping people who would not normally be physically active or play sport to get the physical, social and mental wellbeing benefits that are associated with participating in sport and physical activity. The project is aimed at those who have had any experience of mental health problems ranging from stress and anxiety to depression, bipolar and schizophrenia.

The project relies on the input of our fantastic volunteers, whether they have been supporting people individually to take part in a swim or the gym, running and coordinating one of our group sessions like football or Jolly Joggers, or managing our marketing and promotion of the project, our groups and events. The time and effort they have put in has been immense, and it would not be possible to run the project, let alone make it the success it has been without their help.

It’s been great to be able to have someone to go to for help with the recruitment of volunteers, and CVS have helped us by always pointing potential volunteers in our direction as we have expanded the number of groups we run and people we support.

James Austin
Sport Co-ordinator

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