OPP OF THE DAY: Friends of Wollescote Park Volunteering Opportunities

We’re just at the beginning of a lottery bid to develop the park beyond the limitations within whichwollescote park it now works. Our greatest concern is to create a successor generation who will carry this project forward, so parents of younger children who can offer a limited amount of time, possibly working from home, grandparents who can offer time on practical aspects and those who would like to work outdoors and may prefer to work independently.

Specifically we are looking for people who have project management/people skills, I.T. skills and/or who want a role working with others on the practical projects of everyday park involvement. With the former in mind we need those who can challenge our thinking, help develop the ideas gained from our public consultation held in March 2016, to look at the project in terms of feasibility and likely success. Much of the practical aspects involves keeping the park clean – hence litter picking & brook clearance; painting various pieces of equipment around the park and creating new features – children’s adventure trail; becoming involved in creating wild flower areas – to bring splashes of colour to the park; installing new park benches etc.

If you’d like to be part of this growing community we would  welcome you, give you a brief introduction and support you as we grow the project further.


Gus Wilkinson
FOWP secretary
Email: gus_wilkinson_@hotmail.co.uk
Tel: 01384 896792

Craig Lees
Email: leescrg@btinternet.com
Tel: 07852 900237

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