Emergency Appeal for volunteers – can YOU help? @DudleyCVS @WeAreBCR @Dudleyconnector

Dudley and District MS Society are a support group for people across the Dudley borough who are diagnosed with MS. They run a social drop in every Tuesday from 10-2.30, which is open to anyone with MS, their friends, family and carers. It’s a great atmosphere and it run by a dedicated team of volunteers.

At the moment they are in DESPERATE need of the following volunteers and need your help. Your couple of hours a week would make a huge difference!

  1. minibus drivers – they have 2 buses which collect people to bring them to the centre and take them home later. Without these volunteers, people cannot get into the Centre!
  2. hospitality volunteers – to make drinks, chat to people and offer help if needed
  3. set up volunteers – to lay out chairs, tables and activities at the beginning of the session and put it all away later. Without these volunteers they cannot run the sessions.

If you can help, please contact Sharon



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