Reaching for the Stars (tech difficulty)

“We are not delusional. We don’t shape volunteers. Instead, we walk beside them as they shape themselves. We thrill in their accomplishments, and weep for their trials.
And hopefully, they will take a little piece of us with them as they reach for the stars.”

This sums up the whole ethos of managing volunteers, so thanks for sharing Meridian.

Please feel free to share with other people who manage volunteers, who get what volunteer management is all about!


So sorry, yesterday’s blog experienced tech difficulty: Here it is today.

IDL TIFF file The Helix Nebula

Janie turned her email off and sat in stillness for a moment. She closed her eyes and let the emailed images draw her mind out of her body and into the air, a weightless feeling enveloping her spirit. She traveled out into the universe, passing galaxy after neutron star, marveling at the cosmic dust that created clouds of brilliance.
“This email came out of the blue,” she recounted. “I was having a particularly tough time, both at work and in my personal life and there it was, this one day. It was no monumental day,” she laughed, “but I opened this email from a former volunteer, Darcy, who was a student at the time she volunteered with us. That was about five years before and I always really enjoyed Darcy. She was sweet, but ambitious, smart…

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