The ultimate volunteer wishlist!  @DudleyCVS #wiseupwednesdays

Keeping your volunteers happy and making them feel valued are important elements of any volunteering programme, but I decided to go one step further and put together the ultimate volunteer wish list of what they really want. With help from local volunteers and volunteer managers we came up with this list. We had lots of fun with some of the letters and there were some creative, but not strictly grammatical suggestions, but it was great fun and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Why not see how many of these you can incorporate with your volunteers?

what vols want a-kPlease send me any suggestions to add to the list and it would be a fun activity if you work with a group of volunteer managers to see what vols want l-swhat they cwhat vols want t-zome up with!

3 thoughts on “The ultimate volunteer wishlist!  @DudleyCVS #wiseupwednesdays

    • Thanks for the feedback. We had great fun putting it together and as you say, it’s really diverse as there are lots of reasons volunteers give their time and no two are the same! I love the fact that there’s quite a lot of food involved such as Jammie Dodger biscuits and Maltesers lol.


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