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15th April is Microvolunteering Day, but what on earth I hear you say, is microvolunteering?

Here’s a definition:

“Microvolunteering can be described as easy, no commitment, free to participate actions that can be completed in less than 30 minutes. They are mostly online.”

To me this is a little restrictive and could cover a much wider range of ways to get involved in your local community. I think it is really just another name for a one-off volunteering opportunity, for those who haven’t got much spare time, or are not ready to take on a fully-fledged volunteering role with an organisation.

There are not-for-profit groups across our borough, where people can pop along and give a little time to make a real impact.

Blind date anyone?

This kind of opportunity is probably the volunteering equivalent of a blind date is it not? You have no idea who you will meet, what you will talk about and even where you may end up: but isn’t that part of the fun?


So who would want to try it?

Surprisingly there are lots of people who want this kind of volunteering opportunity, such as businesses who are looking to offer their staff a day off to volunteer. Others just simply can’t fit a volunteering relationship into their lives, perhaps they work full time, are studying, or in some cases are not sure what they want to do, so want to try a few options to see what would be a good match.


What sort of thing could you do?

  • How about helping a local charity with their fundraising event? You could put up gazebos, organise the car parking, or run a stall to raise essential funds. Age Concern Stourbridge are desperate for volunteers to help with their Family Fun Day in June.
  • Painting is a popular choice too, as there are lots of not-for-profits out there who can’t afford to pay professional decorators, or their members aren’t able to do the task. Currently we have a cellar and a scout HQ which both need a coat of paint.
  • Love the outdoors – we have nature reserves and friends of park groups, just waiting for willing helpers to pick up rubbish, remove fallen branches or help with larger tasks.
  • There are other less practical tasks too though. We have a group who need leaflet designing and some help to promote their internet classes.


Have you had the perfect volunteering blind date?

If so, we’d love to hear about it, so please drop Eileen an email to, as we’d love to share it to encourage other people to give it a try. If you’ve got a photo or two, that would be perfect.

Still not ready for a relationship?

Why not get in touch and see what we’ve got to offer? We could help you find the perfect match! Remember – your couple of hours could make a difference to a lot of people!

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