OPP OF THE DAY: Treasurer, Parkinson’s UK (Dudley Branch)

About the roletreasurer
Parkinson’s UK, Dudley and District Branch are looking for a volunteer to join them to help them with finances.

The role of a volunteer treasurer is to lead and guide the finances within the branch and support the chair to ensure its work is carried out effectively.

This includes accurately recording the group’s financial activity, keeping the group and UK office informed of it’s financial position, and provide guidance on internal control and financial procedures.

Local groups are run by volunteers who usually have experience of Parkinson’s and are supported by professional staff.

The local group network offers friendship and support to everyone living with Parkinson’s, their families and carers across the UK.

What’s involved?
– Provide accounting support to the branch and accurately record financial transactions
– Supply regular reports to the committee on the financial status of the branch
– Advise your group on financial policies, internal control and appropriate use of funds
– Send completed annual financial returns to UK Office within specified timescales
– Ensure all volunteer expenses claims are paid in line with the charity’s Volunteer Expenses Policy
– Present final accounts at the branch annual general meeting
– Work within the guidelines of the Treasurer’s Guide and be a signatory on the accounts
– Open and maintain branch bank accounts to the optimum benefit of the branch

It will be an advantage to have previous financial or accounting experience as you will find the role easier to fulfil. You will find it helpful to use a computer if you have access to one, because our electronic cashbook template will make your role easier. However, this is not mandatory. We offer full training for this role including a comprehensive induction to the role and Parkinson’s UK.


Jackie Murrall
Email: volunteering@parkinsons.org.uk
Tel: 020 7963 9328

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