Ten Email Subject Lines for Volunteer Managers

I love this and I try to do it with blog posts too recently. I was sick of the same old headings, so sometimes I like to try to mix things up. Think anything that makes stuff stand out is great. My personal favourite was this one “Hi all, just a shout out to anyone that comes across a homeless person (by that i mean sleeping on the streets).” which started a stampede of responses. Think we need to break the mould and keep people on their toes … a little snark never hurt anyone lol


email subject line

Do you sometimes feel like your emailed requests or questions swirl down the computer garbage disposal sink drain before anyone actually reads them?

Yes, it happens. I think busy senior managers are forced to choose an immediate crisis (think, Subject: One of your staff just over-reported her mileage reimbursement ) versus a well thought out and professional big picture question regarding the future of volunteering. Unfortunately, you’ve now just entered into the email game of “Let the Priorities Begin!”

So, let’s first look at the subject lines that get deleted faster than you can ask, “are the volunteers going to be recognized at the Gala this year?”

  1. Subject:  I have this new, awesome volunteer that I think could help you. (so this should be the one everyone can’t wait to open but sadly we live in a paradox. This email doesn’t always get deleted but can sit on the “to…

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