Eureka! I’ve Discovered the Value of a Volunteer!

Another fabulous blog. Thank you @meridianswift


volunteer badge

Volunteer manager Lilly looked up to see the CEO standing in her doorway. “I’m trying to remember our volunteer, Gladys Williams, can you tell me about her?”

“Oh,” Lilly said, “Gladys was a wonderful volunteer who did office work in finance. She volunteered there for about 12 years, even before I got here. I attended her funeral last month.”

“I think I remember her. Small lady, white hair?”

“Ahhh, yes,” Lilly said thinking that description fit any number of office volunteers and added, “she always wore a purple ribbon in memory of her husband.”

“I think so. Well, we were just told that she left us $25,000 in her estate. I thought you should know.” The CEO paused for a moment. ” Now I’ll have to let finance know too.”

I read an article recently about the generous surprise gift  bequeathed to a Detroit museum from the estate of a…

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