Are there any spaces that you know of that might benefit from trees or any communities that may be interested in a tree planting project?

The Woodland Trust are giving away free tree planting packs for schools or communities. Application deadline by 7th Sep. I don’t think applications are too onerous to complete and it’s all done online. Community groups don’t need to be an official organised group. You can apply for different themed tree packs – trees for harvesting, trees that support wildlife or hedging plants etc. More info can be found here:

For community groups applying they need the following info:

  • Please make sure you have permission from the legal landowner of where you wish to plant. We need this information to process your application
  • Your group or organisation should be not-for-profit
  • The planting area should be accessible to the public so that it can be used and enjoyed by others. Exceptions are made for schools and in circumstances where free access may not be possible, such as on grounds belonging to health organisations, residential care homes or hospices
  • To give us a better idea of your planting area, please provide us with a grid reference. This helps us to assess the location and whether it is suitable for the types of trees you would like
  • Make sure your local community are aware of your planting project and are happy for you to go ahead
  • Get lots of volunteers involved – the more the merrier! Tree planting is a great and rewarding activity for anyone who takes part and it means you can work together in the future to ensure your trees thrive

I think this would add to our work around improving environments – enhancing existing green space, landscape protection, help with flood management, boost the greenery in a local area, help with air quality etc plus community engagement work if we can help support any community groups.


Lie Ping Tang

Food and Nutrition Coordinator

Office of Public Health, Health and Wellbeing

Dudley Council


Office:01384 816385     Mobile: 07818 416 106     Email:

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Please consider the environment – do you need to print this e-mail?

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