Bite the Ballot – get more young people to vote

Bite the Ballot is a Youth Democracy organisation which encourages more young people to register to vote in local and national elections and referendums. The aim of Bite the Ballot is to empower young people to participate in democracy.

Between February 1st and 7th. Bite the Ballot begins its annual campaign; “National Voter Registration Drive.” Last year saw a record-breaking 441,500 people register to vote, including 166,000 on National Voter Registration Day (NVRD) on 5th February. This year the target is to register 750,000 young people to vote!

Voluntary and community groups, education establishments and businesses can support the Bite the Ballot campaign in a number of ways:

  • ·Tweet about Bite the Ballot to help raise awareness;
  • Hold a registration rally in a community centre or school to inform and inspire young people in the community to register to vote.

Bite the Ballot offers an interactive democracy workshop  called the “The Basics”- a 50 minute session designed to show young people that they have the ability to influence decision makers and positively affect their own life chances.

Partnering with Bite The Ballot is an opportunity for young people to engage their political consciousness, participate in decision making and gain experience in volunteering and coordinating events.

Together we can empower young people to take a stake in society, engage with decision-making and make informed choices as active citizens.


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