Welcome to our first #wiseupwednesday – I work with volunteers @Dudleycvs

We want to support you to ensure that your volunteers have the best possible volunteering experience and provide information, and support on all aspects of involving volunteers e.g. sample policies, handbooks etc. Whether it’s a simple query or something more complex, we are always happy to help. Why not look at our  A-Z of what Volunteers Want, for hints and tips on what volunteers really want out of their volunteering? Support is offered to any volunteer-involving group, whether you work in the private, public or voluntary, community and faith sector. We also support social and community enterprises to recruit volunteers if appropriate.

  • The Volunteer Centre has designed a toolkit to help you look at how you manage volunteers and involve them in your organisation.  It aims to give you suggestions for things to consider when you involve volunteers and areas of good practice to include in your management of volunteers.
  • Dudley CVS Volunteer Centre is a member of NCVO, the national lead on all things volunteering. As a member they undertake Quality Accreditation every 3 years to ensure they are offering a quality service to both organisations and volunteers. We have just passed the latest round of Quality Accreditation with great feedback from our Assessor.
  • Our Volunteer Centre Development Officer is a CTLLS accredited trainer and offers volunteer management training, to ensure you have all the information and support you need to manage your volunteers effectively.
  • Dudley borough also has its own volunteer managers network [DVON], which is open to anyone who manages volunteers.
  • Looking at a relevant Quality Standard? Did you know our  Volunteer Centre Development Officer is also a trained advisor for Investing in Volunteers – the national quality standard for involving volunteers.
  • We also hold an extensive reference library of information on all things volunteering.
  • Please contact the Volunteer Centre on volunteer@dudleycvs.org.uk

3 thoughts on “Welcome to our first #wiseupwednesday – I work with volunteers @Dudleycvs

  1. Fantastic post Eileen, packed with useful signposting and links.
    The toolkit you’ve developed looks really helpful, I like the variety of topics across the 9 sections. And having attended some of your training previously I would highly recommend it to anyone who involves volunteers in their work or activities. You have an enviable depth of knowledge and experience in this field, and so much passion for volunteering and supportive involvement and celebration of volunteers, I never hesitate to point people in direction for your help or advice.
    Huge congratulations on the recent Quality Accreditation, and a massive cheer from me for the astonishing amount of high quality work you deliver.

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    • Thanks for your kind words Lorna. I do love what I do and over the years have acquired an eclectic knowledge base on lots of things, including volunteering.
      I really think the ‘volunteer journey’ is so important and I’m passionate about giving people the tools they need to ensure their volunteers get the best possible experience and support if things go wrong.
      Figured the bite-size chunks approach would be more palatable and hopefully build up a few more followers.
      I’m on a mission as usual lol 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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