Welcome to Wise Up Wednesdays – hoping this series will be a blockbuster! @Dudleycvs @MeridianSwift #wiseupwednesdays

Here at Dudley CVS Volunteer Centre we love volunteers and want to help organisations who involve them ensure their volunteers enjoy a great volunteering experience, after all the best possible recruitment tool for any volunteer-involving organisation is a happy volunteer who loves what they do!  From 6th January 2016 I will be starting #wiseupwednesdays

Sometimes managing volunteers can be a lonely task. You may have questions about how to look after your volunteers and no idea who to ask. Maybe you are part of a paid team, where there is only you responsible for volunteers and your colleagues don’t understand the value of volunteers, and how they can enhance the service you offer to your customers. Or you could be out in the community, where lots of volunteers run groups and manage other volunteers, but they struggle to find advice or information on how they can do so effectively.

This is where the Dudley CVS Volunteer Centre comes in. Our role is to support anyone involving volunteers with:

  • good practice – policies, procedures, systems
  • helping them to develop volunteer roles and
  • promoting these roles, to recruit new volunteers to support the organisation
  • campaigning on issues relating to volunteers
  • providing advocacy and mediation services when there are issues between a volunteer, and their organisation
  • running relevant training sessions in ‘Volunteers and the Law’ and ‘Essential volunteer management’ regularly [the Volunteer Centre Development Officer has worked in the sector for 15 years, 10 of these in the Volunteer Centre and holds the CTLLS qualification]
  • promoting the difference that volunteers make in communities through various media channels
  • encouraging the recognition of volunteers’ contributions and
  • organising the annual Dudley Volunteer Awards
  • networking and sharing with other volunteer managers all over the world
  • anything else you can think of that is related to volunteers or volunteering


In the past I’ve done regular scheduled blog posts about the support I can offer through the Volunteer Centre and also themed posts around various areas of good practice. These have been really popular, so I thought I’d try a regular Wednesday slot this time.

What’s the idea?

Each Wednesday blog post will be at the same time and be part of a series, covering the range of services and support the Volunteer Centre can offer those who manage volunteers. The idea is that groups out there will have a greater awareness of what’s available and how the Volunteer Centre can help. Even if you are aware of how we help, you can always share with a friend or colleague who may need a little help or support.

How do I know that the guidance is accurate and appropriate?

We are members of NCVO and have to go through full quality accreditation every three years. We have just passed again and here’s a quote from assessment.

“Dudley CVS Volunteer Centre fully meets the criteria of VCQA and in many aspects over achieves on the standards.

The quality of documentation in the portfolio was outstanding with good use made of graphics and photos. The volunteer management training programme was comprehensive and took on board the changing needs of volunteer-involving organisations. Proactive interactions with a variety of stakeholders indicated that the Centre is embedded in the local community, which bodes well for its sustainability.”

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Wise Up Wednesdays – hoping this series will be a blockbuster! @Dudleycvs @MeridianSwift #wiseupwednesdays

    • Thank you Meridian. I’m going to focus around the support we can offer and the various sections of my Volunteer Management Good Practice Toolkit. Have a lovely Christmas 🎅🏻


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