It’s 2pm and Everyone is Leaving for the Holidays Except…



I’m just going to say it: Volunteers are expected to work holidays. Every single holiday, every single time. No exceptions.

Sonia, the volunteer coordinator for a busy health care clinic was approached on December 21st last year by the CEO. “We need you to round up a few volunteers to man the front desk on Christmas day so that our receptionists can be with their families. Thanks.”
Sonia stammered, “But the volunteers want to be with their families too. I don’t know that I can find anyone. A great number of them are going out of town.” The CEO just stared at her and so she hurriedly added, “but I will do my best as always.”

Ahh, the holidays or as I like to call them, the “hol the heck in the world will I find all these volunteers days”.
I remember one year being asked to “get” volunteers to go…

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