Mindful Gifts CIC would like to share some good news with you! @MindGifts

mindfulWe have just moved into our new unique shop on the corner of Church Street / King Street, Darlaston, Walsall (former Darlaston Carpets). The shop offers something for everyone and will roll back many memories for people who remember the 1950s.

The shop, furnished 1950s style, contains a mini toy stores selling traditional toys such as spud guns and yoyos. There is a mini sweet store selling everyone’s favourites from the past and grocery stores where you will find household items such as carbolic soap, Camp Coffee and Reckitts Blue.

Then step into our living room area where you can enjoy a cuppa out of vintage cups, poured out of our best china teapots! The scullery is where you will find the wash board, flat irons and our best brass ornaments on display on our cosy fire place.

For those people with memory issues we have a range of specialist activities on display in our activity room. These can be tried out for their suitability for each individual. Activities include large piece jigsaws and adult colouring books.

So if you are looking for a unique shopping experience, somewhere you have never seen before and a place to chill out over a cuppa and remember the past, then visit Mindful Gifts CIC in Darlaston and please let others know as we would hate them to miss out!

For photos of our new shop please go to:  https://www.facebook.com/Mindful-Gifts-136979896641396/

Vicki Phipps 

Founder / Director

Mindful Gifts CIC

“Thought about Gifts for cared about people”



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Tel 07828 935451 or 01922 495994


Mindful Gifts CIC specialises in gift ideas and activities for people with dementia and older people.


Email: mindful.gifts@yahoo.com

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