OPP OF THE DAY: Volunteer Gardeners (Growing in the Park – Wollescote Park, Stourbridge), Dudley Mind (Growing with Dudley Mind projects)

Working on a food and ornamental growing project in an attractive historic garden in a park.
Working as part of a team and individually on a range of gardening tasks to suit interests and abilities – may include digging, weeding, planting, propagating plants and planning.
Helping at open days and fundraising events
At times, making gardening related craft items to raise funds for the project at open days.
Opportunity to learn about basic horticulture in workshops and courses. We operate 12 months of the year, outdoors as long as weather OK and indoors if it’s not.

No set skills required – open to experienced gardeners, new gardeners or those wanting to see if it’s for them.

Age, gender and other restrictions:
Over 18 for insurance purposes.

Our aims are to improve mental health and wellbeing in the communities where we work. This project is targeted to anyone who may have, or be at risk of, poor mental health. This could include people who are lonely, isolated, have been made redundant, coping with long term unemployment or long term health conditions and for people who want to get some routine/teamwork experience to help with return to work.
We make every effort to include people with physical disabilites but the nature of the site may mean that this is not always possible.

There isn’t a role description for the volunteer gardeners as this is more of a community based, open access project. People define how much/little they want to get involved, according to their abilities and health at the time.
Everyone who comes to the project is referred to as a volunteer gardener – we work in a public setting and everyone is valued for the time they give. For the public visiting the park we hope they do not see any distinction between “service users” ( a term we do not use) and “volunteers”. Everyone has their own role to play and is valued for what they bring.

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Jill Hogan
Email: jill.hogan@dudleymind.org.uk
Tel: 01384 442938
Website: www.dudleymind.org.uk

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