OPP OF THE DAY: Visitor Guide, Safeside

The purpose of Safeside is to inspire people to think and act safely. Visitor Guides are a critical part of the Safeside Team and essential to the delivery of the key safety messages to all Safeside visitors

Principal Function:
Based at the Safeside facility you will act as a volunteer visitor guide (Guide) for groups visiting Safeside, taking them through various interactive scenarios. Each visitor group will take part in up to 12 interactive safety scenarios, each of which has its own set of key safety messages. Each visit should take approximately 2.5 hrs per group. As the Guide, it is your job to ensure that the group (of up to 8 people) for whom you are responsible leaves having gained a high quality, educational experience where key safety messages are understood and have been taken in by all visitors.

Duties and tasks:
This list shows the types of duties that may be required:
– Meet and greet visitors to Safeside in a confident, professional manner
– Take part in the visitor briefing before the visitors are divided into smaller groups
– Inform, guide, support your group(s) through the Safeside scenarios and the related activities
– Reinforce the safety messages being delivered in each scenario ensuring that they have been understood and taken in by the visitors
– Answer any questions or deal with queries that visitors may have
– Be responsible for the Welfare and Health and Safety of the your group while they are at Safeside
– Assist in gathering visitor feedback and evaluation
– Participating in other Safeside activities as and when required
– Promoting Safeside to potential visitors and volunteers
– Participating in relevant training opportunities as and when required

Personal qualities required:
– Good communicator
– Possess or would like to develop customer care skills
– Enjoy working in a team environment
– Enjoy working with the general public, especially children.
– Be adaptable to working with a range of abilities

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Sally Hitchman
Email: volunteer@wmfs.net
Tel: 0121 380 6074
Website: www.safeside.org.uk/

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