OPP OF THE DAY: Admin Buddy, Sandwell Financial Services Hub

Purpose:Victim Support admin
Helping social housing tenants across the Sandwell borough to improve their money management skills.
The tenants will have varying levels of IT, literacy and numeracy skills so the buddy will require good communication skills to be able to support the tenants.

What you will be doing:
Amongst the tasks you may be asked to do are:
– Support tenants and clients by answering calls and email enquiries
– Helping staff at SFSH with administrative tasks including data upload and processing
– Supporting staff at community/outreach events and/or training sessions
– Other tasks as agreed with the volunteer

You may be asked to support tenants on your own if both you and members of staff feel it is appropriate.

To meet the requirements of the SFSH Co-ordinator (and tenants if appropriate). Times and days as agreed with the volunteer beforehand.

SFSH office or other community venues.

What you could get out of it:
Gain experience in an office environment. Meeting different people from across Sandwell, helping people to manage their money better, helping people to keep their tenancy.

– Computer skills (Internet, word processing, spread sheets, database management) would be useful
– Able to sort and file paperwork accurately is essential
– Able to follow instructions
– Willing to learn new skills e.g. photocopying, data inputting, etc
– Ability to maintain confidentiality, professional boundaries and security, when working with residents, staff and external agencies.

– Likely to have administrative or clerical experience from previous employment or voluntary role

– Empathy
– Patience
– Impartiality
– Confidentiality

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Janice Freeman-Phillips
Email: Janice.Freeman-Phillips@bchg.co.uk
Tel: 0121 289 3933
Website: www.bchg.co.uk

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