OPP OF THE DAY: Workshop Assistant, bread2share

Supporting the smooth running of the bread making workshops.bread1

Helping to set up the workshop – cleaning surfaces – laying out equipment.
During the workshop – help with clearing up and washing up – helping to support the bakers with the bread making.
After the workshop – helping to clean and tidy up the area and equipment

Working with a group or individual to support them through the activity to develop their awareness of our tagline – ‘community, nourishment, wellbeing’.

There may be opportunities for wheelchair-users to do advertising/awareness raising but not at the workshops. This is to be considered further.


An interest in creative practice would be good. Also an interest in food would be great but both are not essential. An interest in supporting and enabling people is essential.

An ability to take the initiative and work in a team. Happy to muck in attitude! There is always a lot of washing up!

We work with severely disabled people, those with mental health issues for example, so an open mind and flexible approach to problem solving is always good.

We would encourage people to empower people to take part through an empathic approach.

People will need DBS checks. Also, it will probably be a requirement to have food hygiene certificates and health & safety (to confirm).

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Sarah Goudie
Email: info@bread2share.com

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