Be Well (Dudley) – workshops for carers from TimeBank

Project Summary – Be Well (Dudley)TimeBank2

After successfully piloting the Hidden Carers Project, TimeBank is now running a programme of workshops for carers under a new programme called Be Well.

Be Well is a bespoke package of workshops aimed at those caring for relatives or friends who for social, cultural and other reasons do not consider or identify themselves as carers.

The Dudley provision will include running four wellbeing workshops for carers caring for people facing addiction or social stigma and one for carers with low levels of English.


  • Reducing isolation within this carer group
  • Assisting carers in identifying their own needs
  • Helping carers understand their rights under the Care Act and the tenets of Five Ways to Wellbeing.
  • Enable carers to plan next steps for accessing support


  • Carer Pack for carers to take away including signposting, and reminder of key advice
  • Report document outlining the results of the project
  • Programme and resources for volunteer facilitators


Recruitment of carers will be done via partner organisations and we will recruit, train and manage eight volunteers to run the workshops. We aim to recruit volunteers who have carer experience and are understanding of, and sensitive to, the carer role.

Programme of Delivery

  • Welcome & overview
  • Carer profiles
  • Carer needs
  • Carer rights
  • Help for Carers
  • Five Ways to Wellbeing
  • Plan of action
  • Lunch


Improvements in participants:

  • Understanding the official definition of a carer
  • Identifying as a carer
  • Knowing where to go to find carer support                                   
  • Knowing other carers who they can talk to
  • Understand their rights under the Care Act

Feeling confident that they can look after their own needs

Odilia Mabrouk
Project Coordinator
Tel: 0121 2362531

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